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Founders Tuyen Bell and Bill Rempelos came from retail mortgages working for banks and credit unions. We were able to work on the inside to experience the process of an institutionalized mortgage. Our experiences led us to asking some game changing questions. How can we truly make this process smoother and more efficient for the borrowers and our realtor partners? How can we help all borrowers and never have to turn one away for any reason? We knew the only option was for us to take control of the process and develop a strong system that allowed for that. That’s when Redefine Mortgages was born. We stepped outside of the retail world and became a brokerage house that can work with all types of borrower’s and be able to find their mortgage a home from our large scope of products and be able to deliver a much quicker close time.


At Redefine Mortgages, we rebuilt the process from the ground up with the client in mind. The stress of buying a home comes from the uncertainty in the process caused by either a lack in communication, a lack of expertise, or the wrong motivations. So how are we different?

Communication: We made it possible to reach someone rapidly by allowing you to book time on our calendar right from this site! We also built in backups in the process that allows you to reach a real human if your loan officer isn't available. Looking to book some time? You can do that here: Book Us!

Accuracy: We depend on the experience within our team and network to provide clients and partners with the right information the first time. We have seen so much misinformation provided to clients that doesn't hold up when put through the process. Our team has the experience of processing hundreds of loans to identify the issues before they ever get pre-approved so you can move forward without wondering what is going to prevent your loan from closing. If there are any issues or concerns, you can be sure that we will get concrete answers as fast as possible so it doesn't carry forward in the back of our mind.

Efficiency: We do as much of the heavy lifting as possible before you ever get a pre-approval. We will gather all of your documentation, look for any potential issues and take care of them on day one. While this takes a little more time in the beginning, it reduces stress and workload while you work with your realtor to make sure there are no issues with the home and lets you focus on getting ready to move. This efficiency allows us to operate lean, quickly, and confidently. This also allows us to keep our rates and costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality to our clients.

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